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250ml BlondMe Blush Wash Lilac 250ml

Essential Brands: BLONDME Blush Wash

What is it?

BLONDME Blush Wash is available in four shades that offer gentle, and no-commitment in-salon toning. Used at home, BLONDME Blush Wash boosts and maintains delicate pastel hues in-between salon visits:

  • BLUSH WASH LILAC provides cool, soft lavender toning

What can you do with it?

The formulation gently cleanses and tones the hair in one easy step, this innovative new product range means that blonds can easily switch-up their look and become pastel icons in a flash!

What is the big deal?

The toning washes combine BLONDME's Bonding Technology and a clever color deposit system to provide an instant pastel color effect. The carefully selected blend of pastel pigments adhere directly to the hair's surface for a temporary shot of soft, yet even pastel color with mirror-like shine. Lasting up to 5 washes, the new range means that blonds can also easily change their iconic look to suit their mood!

Give me the facts!

Deliver on-trend blond perfection with customizable solutions with BLONDME Blush Wash:

  • Cleanse and tone in 1 easy step
  • No-commitment color toning (lasting up to 5 washes)
  • Leaves hair with a mirror-like shine
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