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BABYLISS PRO Brava Hair Dryer

Designed and built exclusively for Babyliss Pro in cooperation with FERRARI in Italy, the new ItaliaBravo is a professional luxury hair dryer with Ferrari engine. Model: BABFB1C.


  • Powerful 1875 watts
  • High speed drying: 10% faster air speed and 15% increase in air pressure versus other professional dryers
  • 10,000 hour life
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • 2 speed / 3 heat settings plus cool shot
  • Noise reducing filter
  • 9 foot (2.75 m) tangle free power cord
  • 2 ultra-thin concentrator nozzles included (6.5 mm)
  • Ferrari designed engine with MaxLife PRO brushless technology
  • 4 high strength, rare earth magnets
  • Eliminates carbon brush breakdown
  • More power and torque - Up to 2x more efficient than standard motors
  • Double ball bearing motor design significantly reduces vibration
  • Nano-titanium an exceptional conductor of heat, is stable at ultra-high temperatures, and provides optimum heat performance
  • Built-in ion generator releases millions of negative ions to dry hair faster, lock in hair's own natural moisture and eliminate frizz
  • Lock-in turbo boost for increased air pressure
  • Compatible with the BABDF2 diffuser
  • One year warranty
  • Used with 110V in Canada/USA

Made in Italy

Ferrari is the world's most respected manufacturer of high-performance, luxury automobiles, designing and racing world - famous championship cars that have captured over 5000 victories on racetracks and roadways all over the world. The V12 engine with its 12-bar rotor system offers the ideal combination of high torque and smooth run, generating extreme power and maintaining a quiet operation.

The V12 FERRARI engine features:

  • Worlds' first ball-bearing dryer engine design: sealed-in lubrication significantly reduces vibration for smoother operation and high performance output
  • Longer motor brushes help to extend engine life up to 2000 hours versus the typical 500-800 hours motor lifespan
  • 15MM stack design that provides more torque and less disruption of air to produce greater air pressure and stronger airflow. Also results in a quieter, smoother running engine.
  • Precision insert-molded construction: in combination with ball-bearing design improves rotor stability and produces a higher performing engine
  • One-piece rotor construction made from magnetic steel improves engine efficiency and provides a smoother operation than the standard 3-piece steel construction of other AC motors.
  • Turbo-shot instant boost airflow button - increases airflow pressure by 10%-15%.
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